Pret saves time and costs with 360-feedback

Pret à Manger has made significant time and money savings by introducing an
e-HR system to manage its 360-feedback appraisal system.

The company’s HR team had previously relied on a paper-based system to
compile hundreds of completed questionnaires on 300 managers and employed
external consultants to analyse the results.

Bruce Robertson, the firm’s HR director, told Personnel Today that the e-HR
system provided by Skillvest enabled individuals to take part in the annual
feedback process online and provided almost immediate results analysis.

Robertson explained that previously the 360-feedback system had been
extremely time-consuming for the HR team because every individual’s appraisal
included responses from them, their manager, two close colleagues and three
other members of the team.

Robertson said, "I would estimate it has meant a 60 per cent reduction
in man hours from the paper-based system and a lot of that was training time
because it was a new system. I would expect to reduce the time spent on the
process by half again."

Robertson believes the £40,000 to £50,000 cost of the system will pay for
itself within two years, both through the time saving and removing the cost of
having to employ external consultants to analyse the results.

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