Prison support staff set to strike

of prison workers across England
and Wales
are set to strike over pay.

workers, including electricians, cooks and maintenance are to launch the
48-hour strike in protest over a pay offer which they say is worth just 1 per

unions involved in the action are Amicus, the Transport and General Workers’ Union,
the GMB and UCATT.

national secretary John Allot said: "Our members are under paid by their
trade’s standard. The contribution they make to the smooth running of the prison
and the well-being of the inmates is being totally ignored by the Prison

are sending a clear message to the Prison Service that our members will not be
treated as second-class citizens. All our members are asking for is fairness
and a decent living wage. Our members are taking this action with regret, but
this is the only choice they have to get their voice heard."

Quentin Reade

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