Living wage

We are a Living Wage employer  The Living Wage is a voluntary pay rate independently set by the Living Wage Foundation. The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK. The current UK Living Wage is £7.85 an hour, or £9.15 in London

Organisations which pay all their staff at least the Living Wage, and whose contractors are also paid the Living Wage, can become a Living Wage Employer and can display the Living Wage logo, right.

The Living Wage is different to the “national living wage“, a new premium minimum wage introduced by the Government from April 2016 for people aged 25 and over.

Amazon increases minimum pay above voluntary Living Wage

Amazon is to increase its minimum wage in excess of the level recommended by the Living Wage Foundation for almost...

Low-income families’ earnings do not cover basic needs

20 Aug 2018

Families with two parents working full time at the national living wage are 11% (£49 per week) short of the...

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Majority of workers worry inflation will overtake pay growth

12 Jan 2018

Four out of five working people in the UK (80%) worry that inflation will outstrip their future pay, the RSA...

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Five employment law developments to watch out for in 2018

22 Dec 2017

2018 sees a number of significant domestic employment law developments, including the response to the Taylor report, delayed as the...

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Top 10 HR questions November 2017: Gender pay gap reporting looms large

7 Dec 2017

Employers have just under five months left to publish their gender pay gap reports. Most employers covered by the gender...

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Living Wage increases to £8.75 per hour

6 Nov 2017

Living Wage employers will pay their staff at least £8.75 per hour across the UK and £10.20 in London, it...

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A quarter of workers are stuck with low pay

19 Oct 2017

A quarter of low paid workers in the UK are stuck in poorly paid jobs, according to the Social Mobility...

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Good work or bad? Reaction to the Taylor Review

11 Jul 2017

Any much-anticipated report is likely to divide opinion, and the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices is no different. Rob...

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Labour manifesto 2017: what employers need to know

17 May 2017

The Labour Party’s official manifesto has been released today and includes some of the most radical changes to employment legislation...

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Labour pledges £10 minimum wage from 2020

10 Apr 2017

Jeremy Corbyn today pledges a £10 minimum wage if Labour wins the 2020 general election.
The Labour Party leader, speaking...

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Minimum wage increases favour older workers

1 Apr 2017

Increases today in national minimum wage rates means workers aged 25 and over are seeing their pay grow four times...

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Living Wage Foundation announces 20p rise

1 Nov 2016

Yesterday The Living Wage Foundation announced a 20p increase in its pay rate, meaning a 3.7% pay increase for workers...

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Holly Lynch, Labour MP for Halifax, argues that the national living wage is discriminatory

National living wage: extra age band encourages discrimination

9 Jun 2016

The national living wage encourages employers to recruit younger workers over older workers to cut costs in breach of age...

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Employers must now pay national living wage rate

31 Mar 2016

The new, compulsory national living wage comes into force today, putting an obligation on employers to pay workers aged 25...

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The living wage vs national living wage – do you understand the difference?

Living wage vs national living wage: government branding only fuels confusion

1 Mar 2016

As research from XpertHR reveals that four in 10 employers do not understand...

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