Private sector urged to work together to recruit ethnic minorities

sector employers are being urged by the Government to implement joined up
strategies that will recruit ethnic minorities.

report, Ethnic Minorities and the Labour Market, by the Government’s strategy
unit, has called for private sector employers to work together to increase the
number of ethnic minority staff in their workplaces.

report’s finding’s have been backed by thinktank the Institute of Public Policy
Research (IPPR).

IPPR’s race equalities and diversity taskforce will consider the report’s
recommendations to see how to take them forward.

Ellwood, chair of the IPPR’s taskforce, said he welcomed the changes.
"Ethnic minorities are an untapped resource for the 1.1 million private
sector employers," he said.

taskforce is made up of employers including Barclays Bank, BT, Ford and

By Paul Nelson

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