4 nEWSNew Bill is set to increase penalties for health and safety violations
and make it easier to imprison directors; UK employers face £50,000 fines over
stakeholder pensions

6 barometer: blacklistingDo we need legislation to outlaw the blacklisting
of union activists?

8 CASE ROUND UP The pitfalls of PHI policies highlighted once more; a
reminder of the protection for pregnant women under European law; when is
misconduct gross misconduct?

11 20 steps to Flexible working Our guide to getting a flexible working
policy up and running in your organisation

12 cover story: stress inspectionsStress is about to be put on the same
footing asother workplace hazards. But will it create more problems than it

14 policy clinic: older workersEmployment rights for retirement-age staff,
anti-ageism legislation and changes to pensions are all set to impact on HR
policies. We look at the practicalities

16 CASE STUDIES: BonusesHow to avoid the pitfalls of discretionary bonus
schemes, following a recent case that is said to have cost an investment bank
more than £5m

18 analysis: hurt feelingsThe Court of Appeal has standardised the penalties
employers face for treating their employees badly

20 from the reference manualXpertHR’s essential guide to risk assessments

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