Privatisation adds to low pay misery in east London

Thousands of workers in
east London are forced to live on wages that fall far short of what they need
to survive, research backed by Unison claims.

The traditional problems of low pay
in the area have been aggravated by nearly two decades of privatisation, says
the study.

It finds that workers employed by
private companies in the health service, local government, transport and
education are paid even less than those still working in the public sector.

Many workers employed by private
contractors receive minimal holidays, no sick pay, pension or compassionate

"This study shows just what a
vicious downward spiral into poverty is caused by privatisation and private
companies driving down pay and conditions to boost profits. Many thousands are
forced to work inhumanely long hours, sometimes in several jobs, to eke out a
living for their families," Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said.

The study, Mapping Low Pay in
East London,
was compiled by the East London Communities Organisation.


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