Probe into ethnic jobless lays stress on diversity

The CIPD is urging employers to examine their approach to diversity after
the Government launched an investigation into the high rates of unemployment
among ethnic minority groups in the UK.

According to government figures ethnic minority unemployment has remained
twice that of the white population over the past 20 years.

The highest jobless rates are among the Caribbean, African, Pakistani and
Bangladeshi communities but Indian men also tend to have higher unemployment
rates compared to the white population.

The Performance and Innovation Unit will publish a report looking at how to
improve access to training and skills among ethnic minorities.

Dianah Worman, adviser on diversity at the CIPD, welcomed the project and
called on the employers to use it as an opportunity to consider how they can
help people from ethnic minorities compete on an even playing field.

"I think a lot of businesses need to get their act together and start
examining their diversity practices. It’s an opportunity for organisations to
take stock and think about the changes they will have to make," she said.

The report, Improving Labour Market Achievements for Ethnic Minorities in
British Society, will assess the impact of legislation and policies on ethnic
minority employment in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

It will also produce clear policy recommendations for increasing the
proportion of ethnic minorities in the workforce.

By Ross Wigham

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