Profession backing our position on equal pay audits

professionals support Personnel Today’s stand on the need for mandatory equal
pay audits.

research suggests that 68 per cent of HR professionals believe employers should
be forced to carry out equal pay audits.

the 271 HR professionals surveyed by the pay and benefits website, only 32 per cent opposed the Equal Pay Task Force’s proposals
to review pay systems for sex bias.

Today strongly supports the task force’s proposals (News, 6 March), believing
that regular mandatory equal pay audits are essential if the 18 per cent gender
pay gap is to be reduced. The magazine feels that after 30 years of equal pay
legislation a new approach is needed.

per cent of the senior executives, directors and managing directors surveyed
also support equal pay audits.

total of 371 professionals responded to last week’s survey.

figures support personneltoday. com’s news barometer showing that 76 per cent
of the 99 respondents said “yes” to the question, “Should employers be forced
to conduct an annual equal pay audit?”.

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