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How feasible is it to establish a link between e-learning and knowledge
management? It seems the obvious thing in theory but I’ve heard there are

The link between e-learning and know-ledge management isn’t just feasible,
it’s a reality organisations must open their eyes to.

E-learning and knowledge management have traditionally been treated as
different issues. However, introducing e-learning alone is not enough. The
benefits of true organisational learning go beyond attending the traditional
course. It is important to harness the knowledge and experience of the
organisation and feed it back into the learning process.

Value is added to the learning process by using a ‘holistic’ e-learning
solution, which makes content in the organisation’s know-ledge repository
directly accessible to individuals using courses as part of a planned curriculum.
As analyst house Gartner pointed out, information and data are only utilised
sensibly when they are not just managed, but integrated into in-house training
and interactive co-operative solutions. Only then can the intellectual capital
of employees be fully realised.

To establish this link, the two systems should share the same infrastructure
to ensure the highest degree of integration of corporate and individual
knowledge. The hybrid e-learning experience should then be delivered to employees
by way of a portal. Portals dominate an interface between employees, and most
people are now accustomed to using them at work and at home. Delivering dynamic
e-learning through a portal, which also makes use of the knowledge stored
within the organ-isation’s knowledge management system, ensures people using
the portal day-to-day have access to learning material, and, more importantly,
will actually use it. This approach ensures that every employee is not just a
‘learner’, but potentially a teacher as well.

A knowledge management-based e-learning model can offer prepared course
content via the portal, but also allows employees to develop courses based on
existing documents and make these ad-hoc training sessions available to
colleagues via the portal.

Response from Peter Richards, general manager UK, Hyperwave

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