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Q How can I ensure that my learning management solution helps improve
organisational performance, as well as track a learner’s progress?

A Organisations must select a solution that enables them to customise
the training, make training flexible and provide a central database to track
employee skills so employees are matched to the right tasks.

The defining feature of learning management solutions is that they enable
employees to participate in a training curriculum that has been customised to
the skillset and role of the individual. Their capabilities extend beyond the
expertise of in-house trainers. They allow training managers to personalise
training pathways to the individual needs.

More traditional methods lack a customised approach because they involve employees
of different skill and education levels, requiring the trainer to generalise
the subject matter and miss opportunities to address issues specific to any one

Companies can also tailor the solution to align with incentive programmes,
so employees could, for example, find out if there was a post-course salary
upgrade available online without having to ask HR professionals to research
this information.

Organisations must seek out a solution that enables employees to access
training sessions over their PCs at their convenience and preferred location.
Many solutions today allow training for employees whether at work, home, or
even in another country.

Companies must also look for a learning solution that monitors employees’
progress and guides them towards developing individual talents and skills
required to be successful in their position. Some provide central information
on skills developed company-wide, allowing managerial access to review
employees’ knowledge sets and educational levels. Companies can put this
information to good use straight away by deploying staff members to specific
projects that call upon the knowledge recently acquired.

Response from Lisa Clark, education services director for SAP UK and

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