Public invited to have its say over H&S issues

The first-ever public meeting of the two bodies regulating the health of
Britain’s workers was held in January.

The meeting of the HSE and HSC was attended by more than 300 guests from
companies, unions and professional associations, local and national government
and the public.

They met to tell the HSC what they thought of its draft strategic plan for
2001 to 2004.

HSC chairman Bill Callaghan said: "This is an opportunity for all those
with a stake in the health and safety debate to influence the way we prioritise
health and safety in this country"

The plan proposes eight key programmes of activity, on top of regulating
Britain’s railways and the major hazards industries.

Three industries are being specifically targeted – construction, agriculture
and the health sector.

In all these, the HSC has said there is a pressing need for health and
safety improvements.

A further four programmes are set to prioritise specific issues –
musculo-skeletal disorders, work-related stress, workplace transport and falls
from heights.

There is also a priority to reduce slips, trips and falls in the local
authority-enforced sector.

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