Public sector continues to outdo commercial pay rates

Public sector workers are earning more than their private sector colleagues, according to an annual survey by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The standard public sector employee earns almost £250 more each month, with an average weekly income of £475.10 (for the year to 30 April), compared with £413.10 for private sector workers.

Public sector wages were also found to be rising faster, with a 4.1% increase since last year, compared to 2.5% in commercial organisations.

One in five workers are employed by the public sector, which recruited an additional 95,000 employees in the UK last year.

David Willetts, shadow trade and industry secretary, claimed the figures revealed confusion in government policy.

“The government says the public sector gets better pensions in compensation for lower pay. Today’s evidence shows it now gets better pensions and better pay,” he said.

The pay gap between the two sectors has grown steadily over the past five years.

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