Public sector needs new regional pay scheme

Government must adopt a regional pay regime to combat discrepancies between
public and private sector income levels, said a leading labour economist.

Andrew Oswald, head of economics at Warwick University, says the public sector
remuneration system must start paying differently in different areas if it
wanted to attract and retain workers.

failure of the public sector to reflect these differences in its national wage
scales is producing severe problems in expensive areas of the country,” he

sector Londoners, for example, earn 50 per cent more than equivalent workers in
other parts of the country. The gap means their public sector colleagues end up
as the proverbial poor cousins in a city experiencing rising costs.

said the current London income weightings, where they exist, were failing to
keep pace with rising costs. Booming house prices in the South East are also
exacerbating the income gap.

Paul Yandall

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