Supermarket wages far below the national average

in UK supermarkets would have to work an average of 94 hours a week to achieve
the national average wage, according to the GMB union.

by the union showed that staff at Morrisons and Co-op would have to work more
than 100 hours per week to earn the national average, with London retail
workers needing to work an average of 120 hours per week to earn the capital’s
average wage.

in the North East and Wales would have to work the least number of hours – 78
and 81 hours per week respectively – to reach their regional average.

Davies, GMB national secretary for the food and leisure section, said the
sector was dominated by part-time women workers, who were often trying to
support a family earning a ‘pittance’.

called on supermarkets to invest in employees and share their financial
successes with the front-line staff.

an industry that is thriving due to the public’s growing dependence on
supermarkets for their daily needs, the workers deserve a living wage," he

By Michael Millar

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