Public sector worm turns on to the possibilities

I’m sure your article investigating why the public sector struggles to find senior talent (‘Where is all the talent?’ Personnel Today, 28 March) came as no surprise to any of your readers. However, I believe there is a dramatic change afoot as the public sector strives to be seen as a place for ambitious talent.

Public sector organisations are no longer just talking about the need to change; they are taking proactive action. There is already a huge focus on leadership development, change management and effective recruitment, with the recognition that the old autocratic ways have been consigned to the past.

Organisations such as the Healthcare Commission are undergoing an extensive change management programme, developing their leaders and ensuring every member of staff has an opportunity to feed into the process.

The United Kingdom Passport Service is recognising that huge changes need to be made in attitude and working practices to meet the demands of new technology, and is investing in its leaders to help them meet that challenge head on.

While there is no instant fix, I believe that leaders within the public sector recognise the need for change, and are taking positive steps to achieve that. The worm is turning.

Hilary Rowland
Senior consultant, CPCR

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