Quotes from the 2006 HR in the NHS conference

Patricia Hewitt
Health secretary
“The HR function has delivered some major achievements in recent years and I congratulate you on them. Now we have a real opportunity
to drive forward the productivity agenda.”

Andrew Foster
Former DoH workforce director
“I feel sad to leave the job at a time when negative news headlines are reaching their peak. But the HR function in the NHS has achieved an enormous amount in just a few years.”

Steve Barnett
Director, NHS Employers
“NHS Employers is now 18 months old. Like a toddler of that age, we have definitely started walking – and running a bit. We know more
about what we like and don’t like, we’re thinking more of our own thoughts, and we will no doubt soon be ready to start throwing the odd tantrum.”

Mike Pyrah
CEO, Central Cheshire Primary Care Trust
“Is HR up to the challenge the NHS is presenting? The difficulty is the three ‘Cs’ – capability, capacity and credibility. The capability is there but
I’m not sure the capacity is. And we have still got to work on the credibility of the HR function.”

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