Railtrack warned to replace key employees or face staffing crisis

engineers at Railtrack have warned of an exodus of key staff as morale at the
troubled rail operator continues to plummet.

Financial Times
has reported that senior engineers told Railtrack’s
administrator Ernst & Young that it feared a major loss of staff after

delegation of top engineers met the administrators two weeks ago, warning them
to speed up the replacement of managers or face the prospect of a crisis among
the company’s 400 engineers.

has dipped because of uncertainty over the future and staff disenchantment over
it falling into administration. While some engineers have already left others
are considering jobs elsewhere with wages of up to £10,000 to £15,000 more.

also warned that mass resignations could lead to certain routes being closed,
but Railtrack called this measure a "last resort".

news comes after Personnel Today reported discontent among staff after
thousands of pounds were wiped off the company’s share ownership schemes.

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