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On the board: If only!

Your story about large companies appointing chief learning officers (CLOs) to the board brought a warm glow to my face.

What training or L&D manager doesn’t dream of occupying a well-paid seat at the top table? But what’s the likelihood of this happening? I would say it’s pretty slim. Boards are far more likely to give a sitting member the title of CLO rather than move a training manager into that position.

Also, given that many HR directors sit on boards, where would that leave their relationship with their training or L&D manager in the corporate pecking order?

Joe Marcelle, who foresees this development, makes a valid point, but I just cannot see CLOs becoming as widespread as he predicts.

Julia Woolley, training manager, Leeds

More on the board: Don’t make me laugh

Your report about the prediction by Joe Marcelle that large companies will soon have chief learning officers on their boards made me laugh. If they do appoint them, they won’t be directly from their ranks of training managers.

Also, his comment that chief learning officers will be paid 80,000 and upwards seems a little mean – I’d imagine most board members at FTSE 100 companies earn far more than that.

Bill Green, L&D manager, Bristol

Who’s that girl?

I was intrigued by the picture of a young woman wearing a graduation outfit on the cover of your last issue. We think it’s from a film. Can you clarify?

Graeme Preece, sales training manager, Reigate

Editor’s reply: It’s a picture of one-time Hollywood star Sandra Dee on her graduation day.

Presenting tips

I enjoyed reading the top 10 presenting tips in your last issue, though I have one of my own.

Try – where it’s appropriate – to make the audience laugh or smile. If you can do that you will have gone a long way to winning them over. An appropriate pun, joke or anecdote can work very well. Or, if that’s not your forte, try linking the themes of the event, or the types of people attending, to a suitable recent or current high profile news event.

Emily Barrett, L&D executive, Cambridge

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