Readers call for a stop to time-wasters

It is high time financial penalties were increased to stop time-wasters taking cases to employment tribunals, according to Personnel Today readers.

Gill Cassidy from Curtina said, “It is about time some measures were put in place to benefit the employer as well as the employee. The tribunal panel’s reluctance to fine employees who bring cases that cannot be won is grossly unfair when they are so willing to award damages in the other direction.”

Other letters sent to the magazine this week support the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce’s call to DTI Secretary Stephen Byers to ask him to increase the £500 limit on fines for bringing hopeless cases to tribunal to £5,000. The issue was first highlighted by Personnel Today (16 May).

HR manager for Ideal Hardware Susan Noone said, “Even where an employee has been fairly dismissed they can still waste the employer’s time and resources by attempting to take them to tribunal with little comeback on the individual… HR professionals need to spend more time and energy being proactive and less on fighting profitless battles.”

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