Recession means employers getting tougher on poor timekeeping

Employers are taking a tougher line with staff because of the recession. One in six is now prepared to sack somebody for being late just two or three times, according to a survey.

Carried out on behalf of online jobs site, the survey also found 12% of UK business leaders would fire an employee for being late three or four times. And it found 39% are now paying more attention to workers’ timekeeping than before the recession.

But 46% of UK employers said they didn’t care if their employees are running late as long as their work is completed on time with good quality.

Explanations for late arrivals were varied, including cats stuck in cat flaps, bank robberies and houses on fire.


Guidance from XpertHR on dealing with poor timekeeping:

  • Line manager briefing on timekeeping – guidance on the law and good practice on the effective management of timekeeping, written especially for line managers

  • Model policy on timekeeping – use this model policy to remind employees of their duties in relation to timekeeping, when drafting the organisation’s policy manual or staff handbook

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