Recruitment professionals’ pay hit by downturn

major survey into the salaries of recruitment professionals across the UK has
shown that money is tight in the sector that drives the UK’s labour market.

by leading recruitment to recruitment firm Heywood Associates, and published by
the trade title The Recruitment Consultant, the poll shows that sectors like IT
and banking have been seriously affected by the downturn in the economy.

recruiters have seen their pay packets drop by as much as 50 per cent as
commission schemes and basic salaries are tightened up by companies which need
to cut costs.

markets like legal, healthcare and construction continue to perform well and
are proving resistant to the difficult economic climate.

about 7,000 people have stopped working in the sector over the last year,
ending a period of growth that stretches back to the mid-90s.

in such a fragmented sector, it is not all doom and gloom and a top level
executive search professional working in London can expect to take home £170k.

on the results, Heywood Associates Simon Gee said: "Our survey clearly
shows that despite a general downturn in business, there are still windows of
opportunity. Top recruiters focusing on selected markets continue to earn
significant sums of money."

McMullan, editor of The Recruitment Consultant, added: "The recruitment
industry is a very sensitive barometer for the economic health of the UK as a
whole. The survey reflects the two-speed economy we are currently in, with some
sectors performing well, while others are feeling the pressure. The results
make interesting reading for anyone interested in the state of the UK’s labour

By Ben Willmott

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