Redressing the balance of power at work

This ditty comes from the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union’s website, which, in a not-so-radical break from tradition, is furious withthe Department for Work and Pensions:

The August edition of [staff magazine] DWP People featured well-known put-down merchant Alan Sugar. Although the article is headed ‘You’re hired’, more often than not Mr Sugar says ‘You’re fired’.

To feature this individual at a time when the department is intent on shedding staff is grossly insensitive.

PCS is sure many members will feel outraged by the so-called ‘tips for success’, which include the type of bulklying [sic] put-downs used on The Apprentice TV programme.

It occurs to Guru there’s little an employer can do these days that won’t incur the opportunistic wrath of the unionistas.

Now, Yours Truly likes a challenge, so he thought he’d see if it was possible to put together a workplace newsletter that would not offend those on the political left in any way.

Here goes eyes right…

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