Rejection is making me angry

am struggling to make my next career move. I am 45 years old, CIPD qualified
and have good HR experience. Everyone says that I have a good profile and CV
but no one wants me. My frustration – and anger – is now starting to really
affect me. Where am I going wrong? I am registered with at least eight agencies
and it is very rare that I ever hear from any of them.

Selby, associate director, EJ Human Resources, writes:

you asked the agencies for feedback as to why they do not feel you are suitable
for any of their current opportunities? If you have not, I would recommend you
do as their comments may provide you some areas to focus on in terms of your CV
or interview technique. It would appear that you have some good experience and
it is important that you remain positive and focused. You may want to consider
extending your search beyond agencies by reviewing the national and HR press
for suitable opportunities and looking on the Internet.

Malpas, joint managing director, Malpas Flexible Learning, writes:

ought to be able to get another job with this background fairly easily. One
clue is that agencies hardly contact you. This is not the behaviour of someone
really working on your behalf. Ask them to be frank, do they really feel you
are not worth putting forward for jobs? Secondly turn the anger into energy –
start applying for jobs directly

Aitken, consultant, Chiumento, writes:

seem to be three areas to consider here:

  1. Ensure that
    the CV is up-to-date and selling your achievements and that you are
    marketing yourself well at interview – it may be useful to develop a
    self-marketing plan. Make sure this is not how you are presenting yourself
    to agencies.
  2. Make sure you
    are not coming over at interview as having "baggage" which is
    how your anger may be manifesting itself. It is vital to avoid letting any
    anger, or frustration show at any part of the job search process and
    particularly at interview. Knowledge that this may be happening is the
    first step towards dealing with it and the second is to create a thorough
    and professional a job search as possible.
  3. Using
    agencies/consultancies and responding to advertisements are two methods of
    approaching the job market, but consider other more pro-active methods of networking
    and direct contact as well – this will not only extend the scope of your
    search but also allow you to demonstrate your initiative and interpersonal
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