Relationships at Work

Heading off potential trouble as a result of divorce is a tricky act to balance for any HR manager. In the past companies tried to head off the problem by banning husbands and wives from working in the same organisation. Clearly such draconian measures are no longer acceptable – and in smaller husband/wife owned firms not applicable anyway.

Nonetheless, there are steps companies can take to protect themselves should the worst occur.

1 Ensure that husband and wife themselves have an understanding of where their home and working lives part company. Encourage them to set rules that work should not intrude on home life.

2 If a couple bring a home dispute into the office remind them quietly that this is not the place for it to be resolved.

3 Ensure that anyone in a position of power with an ex-partner in the same company is aware of the possible legal ramifications of extending personal grudges into professional environments.

4 Where possible discourage senior executives from paying non-working spouses company salaries.

5 If the company is large enough, offer ex-partners the opportunity of relocation away from daily dealings with each other.

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