Remote working wins loyalty

Mobile working practices can reduce costs and cut down on staff absenteeism,
a new study has shown.

The research by computer firm Compaq reveals that 38 per cent of business
managers believe that providing staff with the technology to work away from
their desks reduces overheads and almost a quarter of managers think it reduces
time taken off sick.

A third of managers surveyed would trust all their employees to work
productively while away from their normal workplace and a third would trust
some but not all of their employees to do so.

A similar proportion of managers said they did not mind where their teams
worked as long as the work got done.

Simon Nelson, head of wireless and mobile solutions at Compaq, said,
"The message is clear – mobile working should not be viewed as a perk for
the privileged few but as a pivotal tool for business productivity.

"UK businesses need to understand the benefits of investing in wireless
solutions to create a more loyal and productive workforce."

The research was carried out by Mori and surveyed 300 office workers and 142

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