Should I bother getting my CIPD qualification for a job in the City?

I am now half way through studying
for my CIPD and wish to move into a City HR role. I have been told that as the
CIPD is not valued in the City and that I may as well not complete my studies.
What would you advise?

Vic Daniels, director at Carr
Lyons, writes:

The city is a very big place and
includes organisations like insurance companies, law firms, asset managers and
private and investment banks. As not all of these organisations view the IPD in
the same way, it is very difficult to generalize, although it is true that some
organisations put more value on experience rather than an IPD qualification.
Having said this, you may wish to move back into a more traditional role in HR
at some time in the future and an IPD qualification may well help you in this
respect. Especially as you’re already half-way through, my advice would be to
bite the bullet and finish what you have started.

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