Research: Performance Management

In December 2003 Personnel Today in partnership with PeopleSoft surveyed around 900 HR professionals on performance management systems in their organisation.

This report is designed to help employers and other interested parties gain a clearer picture of how far performance management systems are meeting the greater demands placed upon them in today’s business environment. Click here to purchase your copy

● It allows readers to benchmark their performance management practices and policies against the UK as a whole, and against their sector in particular.
● It raises a number of questions about how performance management systems can fulfil the roles now required of them and suggest ways in which employers might review their systems in order to gain greater advantage from them.
● It provides useful information and guidance for employers looking for ways to strengthen the links between individual and organisational performance and improve their measuring and reporting of these crucial drivers.

This report explores areas such as:
● The proportion and type of employers operating such systems
● How long the systems have been in operation
● The management processes involved in operating them
● The range of employees included in the system
● The benefits of operating a PMS to the organisation and its employees

Some key findings
● More than a quarter of all respondents, 27 per cent, have no performance management system (PMS) in place at all.
● Among organisations with fewer than 99 employees, almost half (46 per cent) have no PMS. Forty per cent of all employers in the manufacturing and engineering sector do not operate a PMS.
● The vast majority of respondents say the introduction of a PMS has had a positive impact on their organisation (86 per cent). Eight per cent say it has had no impact and 6 per cent say it has actually harmed the organisation. Smaller organisations are more likely to report a strong positive impact, as are those who have had a system in place for five years or more.
● A large majority of respondents (83 per cent) say their PMS ‘links to organisational objectives’. Yet only 57 per cent say their PMS monitors organisational objectives. Less than a quarter (24 per cent) use the system to anticipate future skills gaps.

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