Research reveals massive gender pay gap in IT support

earn 15 per cent less than men in the IT support service industry, a survey has

poll of 1,000 IT helpdesk and support staff shows that firms in the sector
could be in trouble under new legislation (Employment Act) introduced this
month, which will allow female staff to compare their pay with a male

average male salary in the industry is £34,960 compared to £30,200 for women.

is an average pay gap of 8 per cent at senior management level.

nationwide gender pay gap across all levels stands at 18 per cent.

Smith, business development manager at Hornbill Systems, said: "With the
new law, employers with opaque pay structures may be in for a shock and could
face a high risk of an equal pay claim.

are going to have to seriously re-evaluate their pay structures and make sure
there is continuity across the board."

By Paul Nelson

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