Resource Guide: needle stick injuries

There are many problems related to needle stick injuries.  Web sites listed here outline the hazards
involved in using needles including risk of infection, and what should be done
with the needle after use

BBC Online

One of the best resources for anyone wanting up to date news on needlestick
injuries. Each story also includes references to other related stories and
provides links to relevant sites.

British Medical Journal

This site includes news stories, letters and articles about needlestick
injuries. There is also a comprehensive database to search for stories related
to this subject.

National Aids Trust

New City Cloisters
196 Old Street
London EC1V 9ER
Tel: 020-7814 6767
Fax: 020-7216 0111

The web site includes information for employers, news, factsheets and links
to other sites worldwide.

New Medical Technology

Oakbank Park
Livingston EH53 0TH, Scotland
Tel: 01506 445000
Fax: 01506 445444

New Medical Technology develops products to address the problem of
needlestick injuries, including a safer injection system. Its Safety Syringe
uses retraction technology allowing the needle to be directly removed from the
patient and safely stored away from the operator after injection. The web site
provides frequently asked questions on the products and needlestick issues.

Terence Higgins Trust

52-4 Grays Inn Road
London WC1X 8JU
Tel: 020-7831 0330

The leading HIV and Aids charity in the UK, this site offers awareness about
HIV and its prevention. It is an invaluable source of information and
statistics relating to Aids and HIV. It includes a search facility, details of
publications, legal issues and a guide to current research into vaccines for

A web site operated by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and
Safety, this is an easy to follow guide to needlestick injury, the hazards
involved in using needles, the frequency of injuries, how they occur and how to
prevent them. This site also provides useful links to information on Aids and
Hepatitis C.

The site includes a search engine which is useful for tracing the latest
government information and policy documents relating to needlestick injury and
related issues. It also provides links to other health-related sites.

A straightforward, if brief, web site published by the Dorset Health
Authority, on needlestick injuries. It outlines the nature of needlestick
injuries, the risks of infection if such an injury occurs, and what procedures
should be followed in the event of injury.

An informative and user-friendly site which outlines the causes of
hepatitis, facts and figures relating to the disease and useful links to
articles published on the subject in the British Medical Journal.

The National Library of Medicine has 20 abstracts and links to articles
about needlestick injuries.

The Unison web site features details of a UK wide campaign originating in
Scotland in 1999 for the introduction of syringes with detractable needles.

A US site, operated by Retractable Technologies Inc based in Texas, it
offers some useful information about needlestick injuries, including worldwide
statistics and articles relating to the issue.

Compiled by Kate Rouy

This listing is not exhaustive and the journal welcomes further additions
from readers as well as suggestions for further topics of interest to include
in this series

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