Resource Guide: Travel health

With the globalisation of business taking staff further a field in their jobs,
travel health has become a growing area of work for OH advisors.  Our resource guide provides some useful
information sources

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

A US site providing extensive detail on health risks and up-to-date
information on epidemics worldwide.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office
1 Palace Street
Tel: 0207-238 4503/4504
Fax: 0207-238 4545

Invaluable source of travel advice, news and country-specific information.
An essential source of information for anyone planning to visit risk areas of
the world.

International Society of Travel Medicine


Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad

Set up in 1984 at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, this
is an excellent web site offering a wealth of detail on vaccinations, staying
healthy overseas, disease descriptions, advice for travellers with special
needs, travel products to purchase on-line and helpful links.

Medical College of Wisconsin Physicians and Clinics

Web site providing information about all aspects of travel health.

The Malaria Foundation

Up-to-date opinions and news on the prevention and treatment of malaria.

Travel Health Online

Detailed data for travellers to 220 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Travel Health Distance Learning Programme

Tel: 01322 427216
A flexible programme designed for primary care and written by experts in travel
health It provides information on health education and disease prevention, the
environment and special groups of travellers, immunisation and prophylaxis and
managing a travel health service.

World Health Organisation

Extremely thorough site, giving an exhaustive guide to all aspects of travel
health, including tropical diseases, vaccine-preventable diseases and health
technology. It includes the Disease Outbreak Register which offers the latest
information about disease outbreaks the world over.

Accessible American site which provides destination specific information on
all the world’s most popular destinations. It lists emergency contact numbers,
local hospitals and medical clinics and embassy details in all major towns and

Straightforward web site produced by travel guide publisher Lonely Planet.
It offers advice on pre-departure health planning and keeping healthy while
abroad – including information on water and food preparation, women’s health
and tips on how to cope with motion sickness, cuts, bites and stings. It also
provides useful links to other travel health-related sites as well as
information about tourist offices and embassy and visa details.

An Australian site offering helpful tips on staying healthy abroad,
including food to avoid, coping with jet-lag, and avoiding an stomach upsets.

Includes risk assessment by destination, up-to-date vaccine news and general
travel health information.

The listing above is not exhaustive and the journal welcomes further
additions from readers as well as suggestions for further topics of interest to
include in this series

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