Resource Guide: Young workers

A list of useful online resources to help you in your professional research
and educational needs

Young People’s Health Network

This site, coordinated by the Health Development Agency and funded by the
Department of Health, encourages the exchange of information and ideas and
examples of good practice among professionals working on issues affecting young
people’s health.


An extremely thorough website covering all aspects of working life,
including issues affecting young people in the workplace. It includes details
of recent campaigns aimed at student workers, their rights in the workplace and
relevant case studies. It also includes details of the TUC’s 2000 Play Safe at
Work campaign, aimed at young people and their health and safety rights.


Another very thorough and easy to use website, includes a guide to
employment for young people and details of GMB policy on pay for younger


Public sector union site which includes a section on young workers.

University of Exeter Schools Health Education Unit

This unit carries out surveys and research and evaluation services to those
concerned with the health and social development of young people. The site
includes details of annual surveys of young people’s lifestyles plus news and
other information.

World Health Organisation

A site which includes some research relevant to young people and health

Policy Studies Institute

An independent research organisation which studies social and economic
policy. The site contains details of PSI research including that relevant to
young people.

Centre for Adolescent Health

An Australian site aiming to improve health and welfare of young people
through research, health promotion, education and training.

DoH and DfEE

A joint Department of Health and Department for Education and Employment
website aimed at young people, covering topics such as mental health, drugs and
healthy eating.

National Youth Agency

The NYA works to improve and extend youth services and youth work, enhance
and extend youth participation in society and promote an effective youth
policy. This is a very general site, but it has some relevant and useful
information as well as valuable links to other sites around the world.

Norwich Union/Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents

Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Compiled by Kate Rouy

This listing is not exhaustive and the journal welcomes further additions
from readers as well as suggestions for further topics of interest to include
in this series

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