Retail managers want friendship over money, research claims

progression, training opportunities and a friendly work atmosphere are more
important to retail managers than salary, according to a report by Mandeville
Recruitment Group.

85 per cent of the retail managers surveyed claimed that job satisfaction would
be more important than money, while over half thought it important to have work
colleagues who are also friends.

report shows that a good salary package made respondents feel respected and
valued by their employer, but that it was not considered vital for continued
commitment or day-to-day happiness.

Shrimpton, manager of Mandeville Retail, said, “The survey highlights the fact
that retail managers and supervisors value their role and working environment
more than their wage package.”

money is obviously important, employees are taking a holistic approach to their
working life, valuing a pleasant working environment, strong career
opportunities, comprehensive training and their colleagues.”

Recruitment Group surveyed 100 retail managers in the South East.

Phil Boucher

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