Review to give top police public sector pay parity

Senior police roles are to undergo a major pay review, but leaders deny claims
the review was prompted by concerns that too little talent is applying for top

Under the new scheme, chief constables could get pay rises up to 16 per
cent, with provincial chiefs, who run large forces, to earn £150,000 a year.

The stated aim of the review was to make sure remuneration is set at the
right level, but the police refuted allegations that the wage hikes were
designed to turn around flagging interest from younger officers.

Martin Tiplady, director of HR at the Metropolitan Police, said very few
people would be eligible for the full 16 per cent rise and that the increases
merely addressed market anomalies.

"The new pay levels reflect the value of the role in today’s policing
environment," he said.

Tiplady said the review would put police leaders on an equal par to their
counterparts in other public services, such as the NHS.

The review will mean all chief constables in England and Wales will be
guaranteed at least £110,000 a year, and those in the top jobs in Scotland will
get a minimum of £105,000.

Pay rises for other senior positions will be smaller and linked to

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