Reward managers top HR pay league

Reward managers have the best paid jobs in the personnel profession, earning
12 per cent more than the average salary for the profession.

The latest reward survey of personnel professionals from Croner Reward, in
association with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD),
looked at 7,825 HR jobs in more than 1,500 organisations from the public,
private and voluntary sectors. It also highlights a gulf in earnings by sector.

Personnel directors employed in private sector service organisations enjoy a
pay premium of 19 per cent over the going rate, while their colleagues in
manufacturing and public services receive 5 per cent less, and those working in
the voluntary sector get 13 per cent below the average.

CIPD reward adviser Charles Cotton said he was not surprised reward
practitioners were paid more.

"[They are] currently engaged in some of the most challenging and
exciting aspects of remuneration and recognition, such as pensions and
retirement, reward and diversity, and executive remuneration and corporate
governance," he said.

The survey also reveals a pay gap according to gender among personnel
directors, with male personnel directors earning 22 per cent more than their
female counterparts. The report argues that the equal pay gap is largely down
to the fact that there is a higher proportion of female personnel directors in
the public and voluntary sectors, and a lower proportion of their counterparts
among the larger, private sector employers.

The average pay gap among directors in the private sector is as much as
£19,000, compared with an average of £13,750 across all sectors.

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