Right side of the brain is key to business success

programmes are failing because they are too heavily based on left-brain areas
which focus on logic, and not enough on right-brain activities such as
intuition, it is claimed.

at the AEDIPE annual congress, Anthonie Paris, chairman of training firm AMI
International, said that despite training departments being equipped with new
high-tech tools, this technology has not delivered results such as better staff
motivation and customer satisfaction.

not?" he asked rhetorically. "The answer lies in failing to use both
sides of the brain," he said.

warned that for trainers to be effective, they must use the right side of their
brains – linked to emotional intelligence and intuition – as well as the left
side which is associated with logic.

often fail because people think of processes in terms of flow charts, devoid of
right-brain thinking," he said.

added that a whole-brain approach was required, incorporating right-brain
issues such as customer satisfaction and staff motivation along with
accommodating differences in how staff prefer to learn.

who develops simulation training programmes for space agency Nasa, said blended
e-learning is the best way to accommodate different preferred learning styles,
combining self-paced learning, virtual and real classrooms with coaching and

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