Rising A-level passes means tougher decisions for employers

are going to have to think harder about how they differentiate between job
applicants after the number of top passes at A-level rose again this year,
according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Clake, CIPD organisation and resourcing adviser, said it was more important
than ever for employers to set very clear job specifications that highlight
what they really need from candidates.

said the institute still believed GCSE and A-level exam results were a good
indicator of basic aptitude.

too need to be giving more thought to how they present themselves in job
applications,” Clake said. “They should be aiming to emphasise why they are the
right person for the job, by focusing on relevant work experience,
extra-curricular interests and their commitment and enthusiasm for the post.”

By Michael Millar

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