RMT calls for culture change on British ships

Rail, Maritime and Transport union is calling for an end to exploitation and
discrimination on British ships.

union claims there is widespread exploitation and discrimination aboard
UK-flagged vessels. It said it has evidence to show that ships and ferries
operating in UK waters are employing overseas crews at rates well below UK
minimum wage levels, and are working them dangerously long hours.

general secretary Bob Crow said: "Shipowners rake in up to £50m in tax
relief but they don’t have to comply with UK labour law, minimum-wage
legislation or maximum limits on working hours."

is an absolute disgrace that seafarers are even excluded from the protection of
the Race Relations Act.

years shipowners have been using these loopholes to dump UK ratings and replace
them with low-paid, ill-trained and dangerously overworked overseas

By Quentin Reade

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