RMT slams bonuses for bosses at Network Rail

RMT union has called bonuses given to five Network Rail bosses "a grubby
reward for squeezing Network Rail’s workforce".

that five Network Rail executives are to receive £350,000 in bonuses, worth 20
per cent of their six-figure salaries, has angered the union, which is
currently balloting its members over pensions, conditions and pay at the

major bone of contention is subsidised travel, with staff who joined the
company before April 1996 receiving large travel concessions, while those who
joined after that date get nothing. The union is calling for discounts for

general secretary, Bob Crow, said: "What are our members supposed to think
when they are told to make sacrifices and the governor walks off with a bonus
worth more than their annual pay packet?

bogus bonuses are being paid for by those who go out and get the work done.
Network Rail’s hypocrite bosses should hang their heads in shame," he

By Michael Millar

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