CSR minister calls on UK business to join academy

Timms, minister for corporate social responsibility (CSR), has called on UK
organisations to put themselves forward as potential programme partners in a
CSR academy.

said: "From today, I hope that organisations from various sectors will
take the opportunity to become programme partners with the academy when it is
launched in July. I am confident this will play a significant part in ensuring
that CSR becomes an integral part of the way we do business in the UK."

Mather, chairman of Shell UK and chairman of the CSR steering group said:
"We want to hear from organisations who feel they can work with the
academy to maximise awareness and take up of these new tools. We want to
harness the expertise and regional reach of existing players in the field –
from educators to business advisers and company networks.

are looking for that acceleration factor to embed these skills in UK
businesses," he added.

you are interested in becoming a programme partner, an expression of interest
document is available from the academy project manager at andrew.p.dunnett@btinternet.com

By Quentin Reade

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