Roadshow for Amey Rail staff

Rail maintenance firm Amey Rail is organising a UK roadshow in an effort to
improve industrial relations at the company.

The rail infrastructure maintenance firm is one of 49 companies chosen by
the DTI to share a £1.75m grant from the Partnership Fund, designed to help
create a closer relationship between employers and unions.

Amey’s partnership group includes HR professionals, staff representatives,
senior managers and RMT union officials. They will look at issues including
recruitment and selection, discipline, grievance, managing poor attendance and
health and safety.

Andi Pennock, deputy personnel director, said the company hopes to improve
employee relations by involving the union in issues it is sceptical about.

He said: "There is cynicism around these areas as traditionally, unions
have had no involvement in them.

"By working with unions and staff the company will become more

The group will travel around the country to take part in three-day workshops
with all the firm’s 1,850 staff.

The exercise will cost up to £25,000 with up to half coming from the DTI
Partnership Fund.

"We want all local staff representatives to be more involved in the
decision-making process at the company," said Pennock.

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