Royal Mail delivers to every home

The Royal Mail has already placed £16m worth of orders to Futuremedia in the
first three and a half weeks of its Learning for All scheme. The initiative
offers 200,000 of its employees a PC, internet access and e-learning programmes
for them and their families.

The Learning for All initiative is designed to complement the existing
corporatee-learning programme by providing internet access at home to those
without it at work, or whose working environment is not appropriate or
practical for learning.

Employees can take part for as little as £4.75 a week, with the cost
discounted through government-supported tax incentives and the buying power of
the Royal Mail.

The programme, which is open to those who have been employed with Royal Mail
for a year or more, is being promoted and delivered by Futuremedia as part of
an exclusive three-year contract. The full package features a PC, Internet
access, generic e-learning programmes which can be used by the family and more
business-specific e-learning content. Futuremedia carries out the installation
in the participant’s home and provides a demonstration.

"Ensuring we have skilled and motivated people is critical to the
success of our organisation and a big challenge," says Tony McCarthy,
group director of people and organisational development at Royal Mail.

Staff take-up has already exceeded expectations. Mats Johansson, chief
executive of Futuremedia, says:"We are confident that the Learning for All
model pioneered by Royal Mail will become a core component of many
organisations’ learning strategies."

– Futuremedia has also teamed up with company UK eLearning to deliver
lifelong learning programmes to NHS trusts.

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