Sainsbury’s targets store managers in performance cull

chain J Sainsbury has dispensed with the services of 55 of its store managers
following a company-wide performance review.

100 store managers were targeted in the review which is part of the company’s
bid to catch Tesco in the grocery sector.

part of the effort to turn round underperforming stores, other staff have been
moved to smaller stores and others given additional training.

a result of this review 55 store managers have decided to take a severance
package, others have either moved to smaller stores, are having additional
training or are still considering their options,” said a spokesperson for the
grocery chain.

said that vacancies created by the review would be filled by internal
candidates and insisted it would lead to improved customer service.

Store Managers are extremely important to us as they play a key role in the
success of our stores. Store workers are the primary interface with customers
and it is vital to our business that we ensure customers receive the best
possible quality of service in-store.”

By Ross Wigham

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