Scottish White Paper serves as the conference backbone

New White Paper outlines the future of healthcare on Scotland

The theme of this year’s ‘Occupational Health in Focus’ conference was
reinforced by the recently launched Scottish Parliament White Paper,
Partnership for care said Michael Proctor, nursing officer and primary care
development officer for the Department of Health in his opening address.

The White Paper, which was published in March this year, outlines the
Scottish Parliament’s plans for the future of healthcare in Scotland, with a
renewed focus on the importance of health in the workplace.

Proctor said this is an interesting and challenging time for those working
in occupational health. As the white paper points out, he said, the promotion
of good health is everyone’s responsibility, but the health improvement
challenge in Partnership for Care is particularly focused on four groups:
children in their early years, teenagers, people at work and communities.

He said this renewed emphasis on the importance of health at work means it
is an exciting time for occupational health practitioners to start shaping the
future of health for the population of Scotland.

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