Scottish workers fear violent attacks at work

in one in three Scottish workplaces are worried about the risk of violent
assaults and threats, according to a TUC survey of workplace union safety reps
published today.

Scottish employers are the worst in Great Britain for providing occupational
health services for their workers, says the TUC.

main issues of concern in Scotland were:

overwork and stress – 57 per cent of workplaces;

repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and display screen equipment – both affecting
31 per cent of workplaces;

violent assaults and threats – 30 per cent of workplaces; and

back strains – 30 per cent of workplaces.

general secretary Bill Speirs said: "Scottish workers are reaping the
whirlwind of an increasingly violent society. It isn’t fair that workers should
bear the brunt of this, and there are simple steps that employers can take to
reduce the risks of violence, working in partnership with trade unions.
Violence is a major cause of stress at work, but the risk of assault can be
managed like any other safety risk."

By Quentin Reade

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