Scrooge bosses make sure festive bonus belongs to Christmas past

across the UK are failing to reward staff at Christmas, as they fear business
will suffer because of too much partying, the Chartered Management Institute
(CMI) has claimed.

CMI research reveals that despite expectations, almost 80 per cent of
organisations no longer give a Christmas bonus and more than half require staff
to work during the festive period.

year ago almost 90 per cent of the managers questioned said that their
organisation provides a Christmas party, compared to two-thirds, this year.

those companies willing to host festivities, 65 per cent demand that staff
contribute to events and more than three-quarters ask employees to pay £20 or
more towards workplace celebrations.

Charlesworth, CMI head of research, said:  "Rather than bemoan potential disruption, organisations
should make provisions and consider the long-term benefit of showing
appreciation to their staff."

charity sector is the best for Christmas cheer, with more than two-thirds of
employers giving staff extra time off without counting it against an
individual’s annual holiday allowance.

the fears of disruption to business, only 28 per cent of manufacturing sector
employees provide holiday time in addition to core entitlement.

By Michael Millar

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