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In the first of a new series to save you surfing time, we find the best
websites for further information on a HR-related subject or issue. We begin
with sites relating to employment tribunals


The Acas arbitration scheme for the resolution of unfair dismissal disputes
is due to come into force next week, subject to parliamentary approval. You can
download it from here as an Acrobat file. The scheme is designed as a voluntary
alternative to employment tribunal hearings. The Acas site is also worth
perusing regularly for news and general tribunal-related information.

Central Arbitration Committee

The committee’s annual reports don’t exactly make light reading, but are
interesting overviews of the CAC’s work over the past 12 months. There’s also a
section on its applications and decisions and its statutory powers.

Centre for Dispute Resolution

A good place to start if you want to find out more about ADR (alternative
dispute resolution). CEDR is an independent, non-profitmaking organisation
which attempts to use mediation in disputes that have reached a deadlock. It
believes mediation is core to successful ADR. There is plenty of free
information on the site and you can find out how to join CEDR.

Department of Trade and Industry

The employment relations section of this site is good for keeping up to date
with changing legislation and amendments to tribunal procedures. One of the
most useful areas is Hot Topics, which has workplace-related news and features
that frequently have relevance for tribunals. Reports marked with the Acrobat
symbol can be downloaded free of charge.


There’s a useful introduction to all aspects of tribunals in the
free-to-enter section of Disc Law Publishing’s mighty online law guide. If you
want to look at some of the cases though, you’ll have to sign up for the
paid-for professional area. Daily, weekly and monthly passes cost £5.88, £29.38
and £41.13 respectively, as well as annual subscriptions.

Undergoing a redesign when we visited, but you can currently sign up for a
free trial without obligation. The new-look site is setting out to be a leading
source of HR and employment law and is specifically aimed at HR professionals
in companies of up to 100 staff.


In conjunction with,
this site features a database of over 250,000 records of individuals and
companies who have had judgments made for or against them since 1998. It claims
to offer a next-day response to questions regarding an individual’s track
record. The site is part of the legal portal

Equal Opportunities Commission

The commission doesn’t just exist for the employee; there’s plenty of useful
information here for HR professionals too. Best of all is the free download
section, where you can obtain copies of the commission’s good practice guides,
which cover areas such as flexibility in the workplace, maternity, sexual
harassment and occupational qualifications.


The site that spells out the 1966 Industrial Tribunals Act down to the last
subsection. Not exactly bedtime reading, but useful to have in order to stay
fully informed.

Eclipse Online

Excellent set of reference material on the subject of employment law and
tribunal-related information. It also lists relevant conference information and
training events.

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