Sector Skills Council Proskills begins consultation

Sector Skills Council Proskills has embarked on a UK-wide consultation with employers which will shape the future of skills provision and funding for industries in its sector.

Proskills works across five industry sectors; paint and coatings, extractives, glass, building products and printing.

The information gathered during this consultation process will form the basis of the Sector Skills Agreement (SSA), an action plan between the three key players: employers, government and the education sector.

Terry Watts, Proskills chief executive, said: “The objective of the SSA is to generate measurable improvements in productivity by developing and maintaining skills in our sector. However, for the initiative to succeed it requires support from everyone involved, particularly employers, managers and professionals who really understand the needs of the industry.”

It is anticipated that the entire five-stage SSA process will be completed by September 2007.

The initial stages, which include the assessment of current and future skill needs, together with the assessment of current provision and an analysis of present gaps and weaknesses, are being undertaken by an external consultancy.

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