Self-service HR scheme will bring cost savings

Barclays is expanding its web-based HR self-service system in a bid to cut costs by 35 per cent.

If successful, the company claims its self-service system, coupled with an internal restructuring programme, could significantly reduce the number of HR staff needed.

Barclays’ 60,000 employees are currently serviced by 1,500 HR staff. It refused to comment on the likely number of job losses.

Richard Davies, Barclays HR change programmes director, said, “The selection of a self-service system would help cut down on time spent on administrative functions.”

The scheme contains an employee self-service portal, which allows staff to view holiday forms, payslips and the SAYE scheme. Employees will be able to fill in administrative forms themselves, so they could respond to internal job advertisements through an on-line CV, access their pension account, or fill in holiday forms. The portal is due to become interactive by the end of 2002.

Another function will be e-learning on the web with employees participating in computer- based training courses.

Davies anticipates that as usage of the portal increases, the role of HR in handling enquiries will diminish.

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