Senior staff member resigns after alleging that disabled people are sidelined at Eden Project

A senior member of staff at the Eden Project has resigned after saying that “disabled workers were placed behind the scenes” at the tourist attraction.

Sue Minter, the Cornish environmental project’s director of horticulture, allegedly made the remarks to Horticulture Week magazine after giving a presentation in London last month.

“We have a responsibility for professional horticulture’s image. It’s been traditional for low-ability people to go into agriculture and horticulture,” Minter said.

“It is a very difficult and controversial area. We need to have some way to deal with it.”

The Eden Project denied the claims and said the project was about “acknowledging diversity and using people’s strengths”.

An Eden Project spokesman said Minter made the comments on the 20 March and told bosses of her intention to step down on 29 March.

“She regrets that she suggests the Eden Project placed disabled people behind the scenes when it is certainly not the case. The Eden Project works positively and proactively with disabled people,” a spokesman said.

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