Sept 11 prompts change in priorities

The US terrorist attacks of 11 September have triggered managers to look for
more meaning in their lives.

The Roffey Park research shows a growing awareness of mortality among
managers, with many looking for the opportunity to perform a more worthwhile role,
at home and at work.

Linda Holbeche, director of research at Roffey Park, said: "The
majority of employees feel less loyal to their employer than in the past. They
are no longer prepared to put work ahead of everything else.

"Work-life balance is becoming such an important issue for managers
that many are prepared to downshift to gain more time for out-of-work
interests. They are no longer prepared to make the heavy sacrifices made in the

Companies feel the need to increase workforce diversity following the World
Trade Center atrocity claims the report. In the past, senior managers have
recruited in their own image and UK organisations have failed to look abroad
for staff. This has created a uniformity of response and limited perception.

While over two-thirds of respondents claim their organisation embraces
diversity, it often only means they have an equal opportunities policy.

Managers would like more to be done to encourage diversity, such as training
on cultural issues, recruiting from abroad and regular workforce profiling.

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